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My main research project is a series of papers on wage inequality in a real competition framework, where I investigate the relationship between firm competition and workers’ income inequality. I furthermore work on the regularities of the price-value relationship in a labor theory of value framework, as well as the role of class in labor markets and income inequality. I have published on competition, wealth inequality, labor and classical political economics. My main teaching interests are political economics and econometrics (both Bayesian and Frequentist).

On this page, I link published research (among others, in the Cambridge Journal of Economics and the Review of Political Economy), working papers and public writing, as well as sample teaching material. You can also find my CV on here.

I work at the Austrian Federal Chamber of Labor in Vienna and received my PhD from the Economics Department of the New School for Social Research in 2022. I am also affiliated as a guest researcher at the Economics of Inequality (INEQ) research institute of the Vienna University of Business and Economics (WU).

My studies were made possible by a Fulbright Scholarship, support from the Austrian Netzwerk Wissenschaft, the Tona and William Shepherd Fund Fellowship as well as the Paul Sweezy and Harry Magdoff Fellowship.

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